Indigenous Resurgence Exhibition

In search of artists who:

Have pieces pertaining to or participate in indigenous cultures, or have creative pieces that celebrate or honour indigenous cultures and persons.

This is a two-day interactive exhibition where the goal is to have the artists be apart of the event and interact with one another and the public. 

Although there are no geographical restrictions, applicants that live outside the Kamloops area must be willing and able to travel. Any submissions that aim to ship artwork to the event will not be accepted.


ALL mediums/creative sources are acceptable but must be submitted and receive approval. All pieces must have their own submission [1].

In your submission, please include a high-resolution photo, title, sizing, artist statement, and also why you wish to be a part of this exhibition.


[1] Excluding merchant stalls who aim to sell work. If you are a merchant stall, please bring your own displays and state in your submission that you are selling work.

exhibition date: 

June 12 & 13, 2020
Participants are asked to please bring in all displays and pieces the morning of Friday, June 12th to set up. Friday afternoon will consist of light traffic and a workshop, so artists are not required to be present, but are welcome.
The venue is secure and art can be left overnight. If you are not comfortable leaving art, it must be set up in the venue before 11 AM on Saturday, June 13th for the main exhibition.
Saturday, artists are required to be present for the event, which will run from 11AM to 4PM

submit pieces with the criteria above to: