Resurgence and Remembrance

The Indigenous Resurgence Project focuses on two main components: encouraging indigenous artists with their work and educating the public on indigenous history and culture. It is important that more people get involved with the witnessing, and perhaps even the participation of indigenous cultures. Our cultures hold legends, they hold stories, and most importantly, they hold our history. How better to help people understand one another than to learn about culture?

For now, the movement resides in Kamloops, BC, in the form of an art exhibition. 2019 will be the second annual exhibition, and with support from other artists and activists, I hope to continue the tradition of holding this gathering for all to attend.





HISTORY of the project

Indigenous Resurgence Project (formerly called Artists for Reconciliation) is a movement I started in response to a grade 12 Social Justice project, aiming to bring together both indigenous and non-indigenous artists to forward the path to reconciliation. This project started with the intent to focus and educate on the historical relationships between the settler society and the indigenous population. As an indigenous person myself, this was an emotionally taxing undertaking that impacted my mental health. I wanted this project to impact people, and I came to realize this was not the intended path that I desired.

After the first show, I changed the direction of the project, deciding instead to focus on uplifting indigenous people in the community. I wanted to support people in the present instead of focusing on problems of the past. This project became a way to help indigenous artists, entrepreneurs, and creative minds in the community by providing a spotlight for them to shine. Since the creation of the project, the initiative has only continued to grow, building resources and connections between artists.