• Shay Paul

Local Artist Joins Kamloops Arts Council as Indigenous Arts Intern

Tk'emlups Artist, Shay Paul, works to support more indigenous artists and entrepreneurs in Kamloops through cultural grant.

Press Release: May 11th/2020

Kamloops, BC - In partnership with the First Peoples Cultural Council, the KAC has welcomed local artist Shay Paul onto their team as the new Indigenous Arts Intern.

In a joint application, Shay Paul and the KAC have been awarded the Arts Administrator Internship grant from the First Peoples Cultural Council. This grant will enable training opportunities for the emerging young artist under the mentor-ship of various staff, with a focus on event-coordination. The intern period will run from May to October, and during this period she will build skills in multiple disciplines, giving her ample hands-on experience that can aid her in future employment endeavours.

"What I hope to take away from this experience is a higher level of understanding and finesse with dealing with events coordination and organization, along with the opportunity to network with a larger portion of the artistic community in Kamloops," says Shay, "I hope to build towards a concrete indigenous art community and have availability to showcase and work with local indigenous artists in the region."

Though current circumstances have her working from home and learning digital aspects of the job, she will later be shadowing the Gallery Coordinator, and working with Outreach artists across Kamloops after the eventual return to the office. Her job will be full of new experiences that will build her knowledge for future endeavours.

Terri Hadwin shares her excitement with the following quote: "I am elated that I can provide this safe learning environment for Shay, where she will have the opportunity to build skills that will elevate her already upward rising trajectory to a successful career. This is an equal opportunity for us all to learn from one another."

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