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The work I do

I have spent much of my life exploring different routes, opportunities, and practices, often being described as a jack-of-all-trades. I enjoy learning about new things, experimenting with different techniques, and challenging myself, which has led to various experiences from different backgrounds.

Below you can view some of my featured work and experinces.

Visual Art Portfolio

As an emerging artist, I had originally created this website to showcase my visual artwork. I have done so much more since then, but showcasing my traditional art is still an important part of what I do and the pieces I create.

I practice in both traditional ink, paint, and pencil, but I also do digital paintings and designs as well. You can find a collection of pieces in the portfolio linked below.

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Art Drop in Poster.png
Thank you.png

I started to do my own graphic design work for my personal projects, slowly expanding my skill-set, and in turn, expanding my work. I was later able to offer my design skills in confidence to others in the form of posters, social media ads, and business card designs.

I have also designed my own products, like the greeting cards and the notebooks in my shop through these skills. You can view my graphic design work portfolio through the link below.

Graphic Design Work

Website Design and Client Work

Website design is a new endeavor, and I got started in it by first designing my own website, ambushart. It was through my personal experience and trails that I learned how to navigate website engines.

I offer my non-certified skills to local non-profits and small businesses/groups in order to help them get their platform out there. Alongside my web design skills, my work with web-clients also includes social media start-ups, and promotional ads and event designs for their work.

You can view some examples of my work with clients through the link below.

Mail Campaign Designs.png