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This Rise with the Sun print measures 5"x5" and is hand-signed and stamped.

Rise with the Sun Print

SKU: 217537123517253
  • "Rise with the Sun is an acrylic painting, inspired by the photography of Ardash Crowfoot, who travels from powwow to powwow taking stunning photos of dancers. I tend to draw and paint incredibly detailed pieces, and for this painting, I wanted to challenge myself to explore less detail-oriented approaches. I wanted to use the expression of lines to create the piece, rather than focusing on photo-realism or intricate detailing. Whether or not I actually achieved my wishes with this piece is still debatable, but nonetheless, the method used managed to create a mix of vibrant colours and a character that shows the regal aura of traditional dancers within powwow circles. This character’s confidence allows her to rise above her challenges, with all the might and brightness of the sun itself.

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