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Food Sovereignty



Self-governing, the authority of a state to govern itself or another state.


Indigenous food sovereignty and food security can be described as local efforts to transform and reclaim food systems, combat hunger and health issues, and become self-reliant and autonomous. 

My relationship with food sovereignty is community-based engagement, with a primary focus on working with individuals and finding their role within the broader scope of food sovereignty. I am a community organizer, and often coordinate and facilitate events, gatherings, and plans for individuals and groups to come together. 


Food sovereignty is not just about access to healthy food, but as a direct connection to the land and the traditions practices for thousands of years. Food sovereignty is a way to reconnect to past cultural teachings and to the land itself, healing mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

Work Experience

Shay has participated in two different research projects, and worked as a Project Coordinator with Tk'emlups te Secwepemc in regards to food sovereignty. She has extensive community engagement experience, working directly with all ages of people.

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Northern Ontario, Treaty No. 9 Territory

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Northwest Territories, Treaty No. 11 Territory

Project Coordinator

Tk'emlups te Secwepemc Food Sovereignty Project

Papers & Presentations

Alongside Shay's extensive field work, much of her academic studies have drifted towards food sovereignty efforts and research.

Decolonizing the Diet

This presentation is meant to engage Indigenous participants on what food sovereignty means to them and their communities. We take a look at local context and practice, as well as discuss what sort of activities would benefit individuals.


Decolonizing the Diet(Indigenous Ed.).png
Food for Thought (Settler Ed.).png

Food for Thought

This presentation is meant to engage non-Indigenous participants in food sovereignty practices, looking at colonial influences and grass-roots revitalization projects.


Analysing Food Sovereignty in Secwepemc’ulucw:

Realizing a Pathway to Indigenous Dietary Health Through Cultural Reconnection

Research Paper - Under Review

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