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The Indigenous Resurgence Project focuses on two main components: encouraging indigenous artists with their work and educating the public on indigenous history and culture. It is important that more people get involved with the witnessing, and perhaps even the participation of indigenous cultures. Our cultures hold legends, they hold stories, and most importantly, they hold our history. How better to help people understand one another than to learn about culture?

The Indigenous Resurgence Project aims to support and showcase Indigenous artists, businesses, and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and practices, with a focus on creativity. From online resources, to vendor events and exhibitions, the Project was created to extend the voice and presence of Indigneous peoples within Interior B.C. and to create a platform of which their work can be access and interacted with.

"I think shining some positivity on things like this is almost a necessity[.]"

Susan Edgell, CFJC Midday


The Indigenous Resurgence Project was created for and is dedicated to providing platforms and resources to Indigenous artists, crafters, and businesses in Interior BC on a volunteer basis. Running annual art shows, exhibitions, and special events is one of the ways we are presently achieving that. All of our work to date exists to benefit artists, and help them build their experience and connections moving forward.


It is our goal to work towards establishing a strong network for aspiring Indigenous artisans and entrepreneurs. Our hope is that by continuing this work, Indigenous artisans will gain more experience and access to local resources and audiences and that there will be a definite space for them in local community circles.


In the past, we have held two separate and successful art showcases and hosted an Indigenous designer fashion show in partnership with Fashion Speaks International. To continue to provide art spaces and exhibition collections for local artists to be showcased is a priority to the work we do.


Above all else, the Indigenous Resurgence Project values the artists and business owners, recognizing their hard work and dedication to their trade, and working to support their endeavours.


The Indigenous Resurgence Project now has its own complete website and has grown further than just Ambush Art. Please visit the new project website to see all of the new activities and news over at:



Click here to learn more about the history of the project and see the extensive exhibition gallery from all of the Indigenous Resurgence Collection.


An Indigenous Artist directory to help locate artists local and working in Interior B.C.


Articles, journal posts, stories, and other links.

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